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Hi there, beautiful! Intrigued by SOURCE CODES, The Official Spiritual Bad Bitch Guided Meditation Bundle? Perhaps you should read the details here | https://spiritualbadbitch.com/meditate/

2 Modules

[START HERE!🦋] How to use SOURCE CODES X Pre-Meditation Prep

Welcome to the SOURCE CODES meditations, Spiritual Bad Bitch!

Start by watching the videos to get to know the Bundle Boundaries + User Access & Agreement of SOURCE CODES and to explore various methods to enhance your meditation practice.

Then, hop into the next module to download the meditation mp3 audios from the "downloads" section.

If you prefer to use the meditation audios on your mobile device without having to download them, reference the 'Lesson Activity / Homework" section and follow the instructions to access them via SoundCloud.

SOURCE CODES | The 9 Meditation Experiences

Welcome to the SOURCE CODES meditations portal!

Modules for this courses & experience 2
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