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Feminine Business Design in The Age of Aquarius | Workshop x Integrative Experience

A new existence of life & business is emerging here on earth 👽🦋🤍

One where ‘aliveness’ thrives.

One where Money is a byproduct of intentionally being & creating ‘freedom,' energetically & strategically.

One where we resource within & from our ‘community.’

One where the internet gets to be strategically leveraged, in a way that many have yet to calibrate to, to create generational wealth, like… the kind where our children don’t ever have to ‘worry’ about money, safety, living in love, community, and security, because they don’t depend on a job or an algorithm to position them for it.

(Lets drop survival & burnout mode, shall we?)

One where we don’t have to sell our souls & siphon our beautiful energy all day to be ‘seen’ and ‘heard,’ but where our work, our art, our wisdom gets to create wealth & freedom in the now & for the future.

One where we can actively & passively generate prosperity + resources for ourselves from our communities.

(I'm talking... having yourself set up for active + passive income, on the right platforms, using the right content strategies to create the money + impact you desire without siphoning all of your time + energy)

One where our feminine energy, creativity, and flow gets to thrive within the systems WE properly leverage & create… without forcing ourselves to always be “on,” and not truly being present in our lives, our TRUE spiritual essence of being… and receiving!

But, the thing is…

We have to PREPARE ourselves, and our businesses, to experience this era… as it’s emerging & formulating.

We get to be early! We have to be ready.

We have to educate ourselves, systemize our businesses & income streams, and position ourselves to HAVE THIS new existence.

We have to align with technological systems & strategies that serve our energy.

Now is the perfect time to get ahead of the curve and align with new earth—and how online business, personal branding, and digital monetization (especially for the feminine) looks there too.


The Bombshell Content & Marketing Muse | The Bundle

The 𝐁𝐎𝐌𝐁𝐒𝐇𝐄𝐋𝐋 𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐍𝐓 & 𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐊𝐄𝐓𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐌𝐔𝐒𝐄 Mega Bundle 1.0 is a mini course designed to help you clarify your brand message, consistently create *fire* content for your social media channels, and to organize your daily business tasks into a more intentional & organized practice that allots you more freedom in your business.

Inside, you'll get access to templates, tutorials, and prompts that will help you |

🌹Clarify your marketing message in an organized table so that you have your brand foundation in an easy to maintain fashion.

🌹Know exactly what to do to grow your business everyday, that way, you never get to the end of the day wondering... "What did I do today, was I actually productive?"

🌹Drop the content creation struggle and write clear, potent, and ultra specific content that articulates the power of your work and magnetizes ideal clients to you.

What you get | 

🌹A template & tutorial that will help you brainstorm, clarify, & organize your marketing message into an easy-to-maintain content system.

🌹A template & tutorial that will show you exactly what to do in your business everyday with a day-by-day “to-do” list so that your work day is intentional, organized, & productive (by working 4 hours or less) so that you don’t reach the end of the day wondering... what did I do to actually grow my business? (this is my EXACT blueprint)

🌹50+ content prompts that will help you spark inspiration and know exactly where to start and what to say on social media to market yourself & sell your offers. These prompts will also help you tell your story, share your experiences, and articulate your expertise in a powerful and authentic way.

Abundance Beyond Money | The Masterclass

In this Masterclass, learn:

• How to embody True Abundance
• How to free yourself from unsustainable money manifestation loops
• How to activate the feelings of freedom, abundance, and happiness so you can create a life experience that feels wealthy
• How to leverage your feelings of wealth into intuitive money moves

Pathway to Magnetism, Divine Influence, and Expanding Prosperity | Workshop X Integrative Experience


...SO YOU CAN...



Hello Beautiful Woman,

I believe I know why you're here on this page.

It's because right now, in this moment, you're literally on the edge of a major quantum leap;
an upgrade;
an up-level in your business.

You can feel it in your heart, stomach, and nervous system... and you are ready to calibrate to the inner & outer positions that can hold it:
this next level of Your Impact, Influence, and Income

The thing is... you've experienced some success already...

It's not like you haven't had a taste of results.

You have.

You've helped many clients.

You've gotten amazing feedback from them.

You f*cking love what you do...

and, you're really a genius with this embodied wisdom, too... whatever it may be.

However, even though things have been great, you're like... ready to blow things up, 💥 again...

at an even greater capacity.

You are ready to expand Your Service to the collective, expand Your Heart, expand Your Leadership capacity, and expand Your bank account even further than where you have landed thus far.

You are ready to BE a higher expression of Your Purpose.

You are ready to experience being in service, doing business, and experiencing the wealth of life with a greater level of purpose & pleasure... a greater level of feeling, a greater level of freedom.

You are ready to feel and own the power and the magic of what it is to

attract more success in your business simply by being You...

And you're ready to do it in a more pleasurable, heart-opening... expansive way:

energetically & practically.

Vibrational Word Mapping | The Masterclass

Your words hold the power to ripple cellular level, vibrational transformation to the core of your audience while simultaneously magnetizing them into your movement.

Through their [the words] vibrations.

Therefore, the purpose behind your work deserves to be communicated in a way that truly represents the magick and quality of what comes with that work, right?

Your words should align with the frequency that

You want people to feel you more.

You want your words and your presence to be the true symbolization of your pure genius.

You desire to feel completely honored, proud, and in deep alignment with your message.

You want your words to stand out and represent the entirety

You desire to relay the power of your work at a subconscious, soul level in a way that transmits your soul codes straight from source without all of the surface level tactics and confusing information about what you should be saying to exponentially grow your visibility, influence, and cashflow.

You're seeing yourself gracefully, and electrically, carving your lane and your success through the power of your content, and you want to know how to do this more potently.


I want to show you how to compound vibrations into sentence structures through the use of intentional language mapping so you can do that a large scales—


So that your message can be felt.

So that your heart is centered at the forefront of your message.

So that you can create an *experience* with your words and touch people in the abyss of their soul to awaken them into empowered action.

So that your content resembles the deep power of the work you do in a way that is unique to you.

So that you can magnetize all - the - things from an organically beautiful place through the channel of brilliant, soul touching content.

That's what this Masterclass is all about.

Let's word map together.


Inside The Official Spiritual Bad Bitch Guided Meditation Bundle:



Lets do a quick check in, beautiful:

Check off all of the statements that resonate with you:

I often feel overwhelmed or triggered by my constant thinking & busy mind, this dips into my confidence.
□ Sometimes, the little voice in my head of doubt, fear, and insecurity feels overpowering to the point where I just want to shut it off, but don't know "how."
□ When I try to think positively, at times, I don't always "feel" it; it low-key feels like I'm trying to force myself into a "vibration."
 Even when I focus on what I want to manifest & do the work for what feels like a long time... it doesn't happen and I don't want to force it.
□ I desire to have more consistent inner peace and a healthier relationship with my ego.
 I desire to feel more content & present with my life as it is, constantly reaching for the next thing burns me out.
When I feel "out of alignment," I feel like I'm doing something wrong and looking for an external solution doesn't always feel like the answer for me.
 Staying present is a challenge for me, I often find myself not enjoying "the now," and instead, I find myself worrying, thinking my thoughts, thinking about the future, or being distracted by things that don't really serve me.
□ Sometimes, it feels like life just flies by and by the end of many days, it feels like a blur.
□ I've done a lot of healing work & spiritual divination, but it just feels like something is "missing" from my spiritual expansion.
□ I desire to cultivate a deeper sensation of spiritual wealth without having to "do" more externally.
 I desire to feel like I fully have access to my power & to be more magnetic in the Universe.

If you're thinking anything similar to "lmao, I feel called out sis, dang!"or you simply ticked off 3 or more of those in your mind...

Love, that's perfect for this moment because I'm about to share something soul sacred with you that can change ALL of that in a relaxed way... the power of MEDITATION.

By committing to a daily meditation practice, my life bloomed, and continues to bloom, into manifestations of inner joy, self love, intuition, abundance, beauty, success, and a deeply fulfilling spiritual lifestyle.


Not because I hustle towards my dreams or spiritual evolution 24-hours a day (as if that's cute or desirable or healthy?!)
Not because I constantly focus my mind & energy on the future (what's the use in living life if we only care about a moment that doesn't yet exist?)
Not because I force myself to "feel" high vibe and ignore my real human emotions.
Not because I learn a bunch of "how to manifest" malarky.
Not because I sit and pull cards every day to divinate answers for my life.

But because...

I quiet my mind,

I align to the rhythm the Universe before all else,
I create a healthy bond with my oh-so-active brain (and ego),
I reprogram my inner systems daily,
I purify my frequency,
I cultivate a real relationship with Source - one I can deeply feel and stay connected to all day,
I devote living out my time & energy as love consciousness as much as possible,
and I surrender my energy to the Truth of the essence of God without struggling to do so.

Meditation has opened me up to all of that (plus continuously creating a life that I dream of because of all of that).

This spiritual practice is a way, way, WAY easier (and ancient) tool to heal, evolve, glow, enjoy, love, and create LIFE like a Spiritual Bad Bitch.

The simple act of silence, surrender, and suggestion sustains and expands life beyond your wildest dreams.

And that's why I created this guided meditation bundle, because when I discovered and integrated meditation into my daily life, everything changed for me. 😊

Authentically Magnetic | Facebook & InstagramĀ® Content&MarketingCourse

Ready to clearly articulate the power of the work you do and master your content marketing skills at a whole new level of authentic, influential, and profitable? Perfect.

Inside of 𝐀𝐔𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐈𝐂𝐀𝐋𝐋𝐘 𝐌𝐀𝐆𝐍𝐄𝐓𝐈𝐂, you'll learn how to:

  • Sophisticate yourself as a soulful leader in a saturated, and quite regurgitated, market with your own pure essence so that you can grow your brand's visibility, awareness, & influence.
  • Create bombshell social media marketing content (for everyday use) that's compelling AF & clearly articulates your undeniable value so that you capture the heart & mind of the people you want to work with.
  • Step into the leader and influence you are *meant* to be online and be confident in your unparalleled & authentic voice.
  • Market yourself *DAILY* with content that stands out + magnetizes sales from your social media presence.
  • Consistently monetize your genius, gifts, & influence AKA generate low to high end sales daily by marketing yourself on Facebook and Instagram with written content.
  • Build a brand presence that that stands out + sells out so that potential clients come to YOU and you can focus on creating instead of chasing after clients.

Enroll now: https://www.falynsatterfield.co/authenticallymagnetic/

The Goddess of InstagramĀ® Reels | Crash Course & Reels Tutorial

The Goddess of Instagram® Reels | Crash Course & Reels Tutorial is a walk-through, demonstration infused, information-based collective of trainings designed to show you how to utilize, practically & creatively, each feature inside of the Instagram® Reels interface.

When you purchase this crash course & tutorial, you'll get access to content that will help you |

>> Know how to use each feature inside of Instagram® Reels, plus, know how to efficiently infuse more creativity & dynamism into your Reel creations.
>> Overcome & simplify any tech barriers that seemingly make creating amazing Reels a lil difficult or confusing
>> Publish precisely curated Reels.

By going through this content and integrating the methods outlined in each section into your Reel creations, you will go on to |

>> Begin to master a newer content creation tool of Instagram®, one that will upgrade your message creativity & content delivery/presentation.
>> Increase your organic reach on Instagram®, inevitably magnetizing more people to your profile and into your online community #growth.
>> Have a more electrifying & amusing experience with creating content for Your Brand on Instagram®.

What you'll get instant access to | 

>> 6 video trainings showing you how to make us of and leverage each feature inside of Instagram® Reels via walkthroughs, examples, and explanations.
>> Links to resources that will help you enhance your Reels visual dynamism & aesthetic.

Viral Content Creation for Your InstagramĀ® Brand Platform | The Masterclass


You've been wondering how to stand out + build your unique influence, consistently grow your audience, and build a community of interactive humans on Instagram®, huh? Facts, keep reading then. 😜

Here's the truth about growing your visibility, audience/community, and engagement on the 'gram:

Simply writing "educational" & "valuable" content, doing livestreams for the same people over & over (with a couple newbies every now and then), and/or liking & commenting on everybody and their mothers' profiles...

...IS NOT going to work on your behalf for scalable growth anymore...

(unless... you don't mind growing slow, being bored/annoyed/frustrated with content creation, and spinning your wheels about "HoW dO i GrOw?!" every single month).

Why won't any of that work for your growth anymore? Let's be real... because the digital entrepreneurship, coaching, consulting, and healing industries are entering into a new phase of exponential increase of people opening for business... making the sea of people's content to consume, offers to buy, and dicks to ride waaaaaay more dense, opaque, and practically drown-able for anyone.

At the of the day, whether you're new, seasoned, or have been in the game for a while now...to stay above & grow beyond where the majority of digital entrepreneurs, "influencers," creators, and service providers are blending into the waves, you have to create content that's shows up as an outlier compared to the rest of the data (remember learning that at some point in math or economics? Clever, huh 😂).

Welcome to the concept and necessity of implementation known as VIRAL CONTENT.


First thing is... viral content isn’t just something that only "works" for relatable/entertaining meme pages, travel influencers, or a random citizen who recorded a Trump supporter assaulting someone because they're mentally fucked up colonized racists (shots fired💥).

Take it from me — as a Conscious Content Marketing Fairy Queen & Business Consultant, I've worked with people at all levels of internet entrepreneur-hood:
from 0, to 6-figure, to 7-figure coaches, alchemists, healers, and spiritual entrepreneurs...

...and, 9/10 times, the answer to going bigger with your visibility, influence, and furthermore, cashflow as a Conscious CEO & digital entrepreneur *who has established their baseline of brand identity, messaging, offering(s), and credibility* comes down to curating intentional, entertaining, and conscious-impacting VIRAL CONTENT.

Integrating this style of content into your content strategy will 100% directly impact the increase of your community size, engagement, influence + impact, AND cashflow... better yet, organically + exponentially...

(if you do it right, of course... teaching you how to do it in this class!).

Viral content weeeerrrrrks wonders & yields faster growth compared to posting a graphic with a monologue that took you 200 years to write practically everyday (don't worry, if that's you, you're in the right place!).

A few pieces of viral content implemented into your content strategy a couple times a month can do what 30 pieces of written content combined with hashtags might've done for your growth in 2 months...
yeahhhh buddy. 🤠

Okay, let us continue... giddyup!

The second thing to get straight is... many digital entrepreneurs who rest on Instagram® as a primary channel to show up & promote their offers, products, and services fall into the "myth" that in order to create a massively successful, "known," followable, visible, widely impactful brand that you have to:

Spend a lot of money on ads (to which you'll attract a bunch of unaligned randoms who didn't even spend time with your content or in community with you if you're running them to reach new people... typically results in flaky audience members or freebie hunters).

🤓 Play professor everyday by constantly "educating" people to prove your brilliance AKA your social media "has to" be a dumping ground of value that's always giving people information to "solve their problems," (mmm, SO not true. You'll run out of ideas, inspiration, brain juice, passion, muscle mass in your fingers, and collagen in your lips... guaranteed).

🙃 Do livestreams sharing all your tips every single day (a quick way to get burnt tf out and to feel like people just want to consume your free content all the time but never buy).

🤖 Use inauthentic growth methods such as bots, growth tools, or social media assistants to follow thousands of people in effort to get them to follow you back (OMG 🤢).

#️⃣ Spend excessive amounts of time in hashtag holes where you believe your ideal clients "hang out," and attempt to "engage" by liking a bunch of pics or leaving a bunch of random comments on content you didn't read (lol, let's not be fake AND waste our time, k?).

😒 "Brand" yourself like a sheep to a specific niche, service, or "I help" statement then further create content that talks about the same 💩 over & over (a certified fast way to get bored with your business, drain the fun + purpose out of content creation, and make showing up feel bleh... leaving you to wonder WTF you're doing).

BUT, UHH... NAH! 😂


Enough about what you DON'T have to do, though. 🥵

Let us get into the fun, straight to the point shit that actually matters, shall we? 🥳

Since you desire to magnetize more people to you, to consistently grow your community on Instagram®, to rise above the noise of online-land & be seen as as the unique, multi-faceted, brilliant being that you KNOW you already are... and to, of course, generate more revenue organically (because that's just a side effect of ALL this)...

Creating bomb ass viral content is a MUST. 😜


We have arrived at the reason why I designed the Viral Content Creation for Your Instagram® Brand Platform | The Masterclass.

SooOOooO now you're wondering:

Falyn... what's this Masterclass experience going to enlighten me with? 💡

Well, good shit, per usual... you know how I rock. 💎

The tried/tested/true methods, infusions, strategies, and tangible magick I am sharing with you inside of this exclusive masterclass replay is a total rundown of how to create viral Instagram® content as a conscious CEO, coach, influencer, healer, content creator, and/or service provider.

This Masterclass will set you up with high-level practical, tangible, strategic, and creative guidance about viral content marketing so that your online business will be more visible, influential, and profitable on Instagram®.

...Oh, also before I forget to mention: all the concepts, strategies, and practical enhancements I am transmitting to your consciousness to adopt to your personal skillset are all things I personally, alongside my clients, have *actually* created & experienced results from because #IAMANEMBODIEDBADBITCH.

What results you speaketh of?


  • Tens of thousands of views on Instagram feed posts, Reels, and IGTVs.
  • Hundreds of community story re-shares of feed posts, Reels, and IGTVs.
  • Increased commentary engagement from people who are genuinely intrigued .
  • Hundreds of people following you & joining your audience on a monthly basis.
  • Unprompted invites to be apart of bomb ass paid & unpaid opportunities such as summits, podcasts, guest speaker gigs, magazine features, and so much more.
  • Being in your OWN, incomparable lane, one that emanates a distinctive creative edge and is alluring& profitable.
  • ACTUALLY having fun with content creation.
  • Authentic DM conversations that people in my community start with me.
  • Organic increase in leads, sales volumes, cashflow, and new customers/clients
    (*I personally have over 800%'d [as of 11/30/2020] my sales in 2020 compared to all the sales I made in 2019 by just focusing on mastering content marketing).
  • Being a meaningful, memorable, and magnetic "name to know" in your industry & amongst your community.
  • Higher % of retained viewership (AKA more & more people in your community will *actually* pay attention to, engage with, tune into your content, and connect with you in a genuine way).
  • A greater sense of freedom, purpose, and creativity when creating content.


CONTENT STRATEGY CODES for The Service Based Boss Bitch | The Masterclass

Okay, I have a question and don't fight me because I know how you girlies like to tussle:

How many times have you complained about, thought about, and felt annoyed by the Instagram algorithm within the last month?

Whether it was about how your story views are super low, like, lower than normal.

Or if your posts only seem to be getting like 4 likes.

Or *insert all the other typical issues we have with Instagram when it comes to the algorithm.*

How often?

A few times a week? Couple times a day? Come onnnn, tell me. 😏 

It's okay, you don't have to pretend you don't care that Instagram is cock blocking you.

This is a safe space to be real with how you feel even though so many other people will gaslight you for actually having a problem with this😂

And listen,

I know every energetic wealth business coach preaches energy > algorithm, and true, to an extent, and uhm well, what's also true is that some of those people also purchase likes, lmfao! 😬 


Deep inside of you, you know the cold, hard, schillinating truth is that the algorithm DOES matter, after all, you're RUNNING A BUSINESS USING SOCIAL MEDIA. Duhhhh? 😂 

If you're not getting seen,

If your story views with the link to your program aren't getting viewed,

If your "sales posts" aren't getting the max visibility,

If your account isn't reaching more people and getting in front of potential clients and customers consistently, regularly, and increasingly...

Then what's the point, sis? Do you do this only for fun?

It's actually CRUCIAL that you consider the algorithm, (and, yes, of course your energy too, after all, the IG algorithm can't stop you from getting what you're a match for, but still...).

But, here's the thang, friend, seriously...

Solely depending on social media platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, to organically sell your creations & offerings is, to put it bluntly, ass backwards. 🍑 

Many service based business owners have got their content marketing strategy panties in a bunch, and then get left wondering why they're not consistently & increasingly generating leads, sales, and results at higher capacities.

Well friends, alas, here we are, my newest LIVE Masterclass: CONTENT STRATEGY CODES for The Service Based Boss Bitch

And biiiiitch, I'm really excited about this one 😜 it's been a MIIN since I taught a class live with y'all! Who's ready?!

How do I know if this Masterclass experience is for me, Falyn?

Well, here's the thing...

🙄 If you're fucking OVER playing games with the algorithm every single day, trying to figure out what times to post, who's seeing it or not, or if enough people are going to tap the link to sign up.
👀 If you want to ensure that your long form content actually gets seen, listened to, read, and converted from without you having to stress about it wasting away deep into the Instagram vortex after only 4 people saw it.
💰 If you desire to enhance your prosperity potential & increase the conversion rate of your long form content without social media algorithms fucking it up
⏰ If you desire to set yourself up to make sure your content is working FOR YOU and in favor of your time, energy, and overall freedom for the long term
 If you want to know exactly what kind of content you should be creating on social media and non-social media/direct marketing platforms for the sake of brand awareness, community growth & relationship development, driving your community members to your long-form value-based content, and enhancing your conversion probability.

Then I would say, CONTENT STRATEGY CODES for The Service Based Boss Bitch is something that you do not want to miss.

I'm going to teach you AND show you how to create a  high-level social media and non social media content marketing strategy through a sophisticated system + structure that will magnetize more leads, sales, and results on your online business platforms.

And most beautifully, you'll be able to drop the (very valid) overwhelm of social media visibility and content strategy to, instead, get organized and clear on how to confidently leverage the most visibility for your content on social media and non social media platforms, know what types of content to create for your social media and non social media platforms, know how to position your marketing on social media and non social media platforms, AND increase your visibility & sales potential on social media and non social media platforms

IN ESSENCE: I'm giving you the keys to know (1) how to position your content & marketing to get around the algorithm + leverage the highest visibility for your long form content, (2) better leverage how you create content social media & non social media platforms to grow your business, (3) enhance your long form content visibility + life force, and (4) increase your sales volumes with better content positioning.


  • Learn how to increase your conversion rate & prosperity potential with strategic content positioning.
  • Understand the 5 types of content you should be creating for specific social media & non social media platforms, plus, understand the why and purpose behind it.
  • Learn best practices to "beat the algorithm," increase your visibility on social media, and strategize the attraction of your community into your non-social media channels of high value.
  • Understand how to increase the reach & life force of your value-based content.
  • Create a sustainable content marketing strategy to successfully integrate your social media & non-social media platforms (plus, put it all together in a template!).

The Multi-faceted Entrepreneurial Bad Bitch: Build a Personal Brand to Monetize All of You | The Masterclass

Dear Multi-faceted entrepreneurial Queen reading this page:

Let me guess...

You’re not *juuuust* an online business bad bitch,

a mindset coach,

a content queen,

a s3x goddess,

a sound healer,

a graphic designer,

or whatever title you give yourself as an entrepreneur 🦄 


a lot more than that...

Maybe you’re *ALSO*:

an astrology buff,

a video creator,

a fashion enthusiast,

a bomb ass photographer,

a crypto cween,

a human design nerd,

or even a video game girly.

...And the truth is...

Having one so called “niche” and curating yourself around that one “niche” or “title” or “thing you do or sell” never really sat right in your soul... cuz... You wanna be, do, create, and sell it all, GF. 😩🥴

You wanna create & monetize EVERYTHING, not just one of your geniuses or passions for the sake of having a “clear niche” *yawn* 🥱 

You want to be FREE.

Free to create,
and monetize


...rather than saying & creating the same shit in different ways over and over (which is only bound to leave you stuck in a cycle of boredom and lack of creative freedom).

You’re a multi passionate bad bitch, amiright???

And the fact of the matter is... you can’t be defined or confined to one niche, or even 3-5 topics for that matter.

You aren’t the type of entrepreneur to be chained to a fucking “I help” statement.

You want the freedom to create, talk about, pivot to, and sell whatever it is your heart desires... regardless if it’s about astrology or sex or graphic design or or tarot or meditation or digital marketing or whatever the fuck else you do as a magical human being.

There’s a part of you that rolls your eyes so hard at the idea of being confined to a niche.

 But that’s good because...

Contrary to popular belief:

having a niche is DEAD—not only because it quite literally feels dead & life draining to your essence, but ALSO because there’s so much expansion & potential (financially, influentially, expressively, & creatively) when you step out of the box and into the expression of ALL OF YOURSELF as a digital entrepreneur.

When you create an online brand that encompasses all of you, that opens up the opportunity for you to:

• Create & monetize whatever you want (yes, even if their different topics that totally don’t even go together) and know that your community will still invest
• Build an audience & community that you vibe with on a genuine level (& build real relationships with them too)
• Make money being YOU
• Have expressive & creative freedom in your business
• Have topic & content freedom in your business
• Build influence for who YOU are, not just what you do

This all sounds bomb right? But like, you’re maybe still a little unclear about how to create a brand where people actually buy the various things you can show/teach/share with them.

That’s where this Masterclass comes in, I’m going to teach you how to:

• Brand Yourself as a “Personal Brand” rather than a “Niched Brand”
• Create a Brand that builds a community around YOU as a person so that you can monetize whatever you want
• Ditch “I help” statements and become a multi-faceted digital entrepreneurial bad bitch who builds a boss ass Brand around all of Her brilliance

...so that you can...

• Make a name for Yourself & Your Brand without suppressing You/your content/your business into a niche.
• Make a lot of money doing/teaching/talking about everything you love.
• Grow your influence & impact in a variety of ways.
• Have more creative & expressive freedom in your business

Magnetize Money like a Bad Bitch | The Masterclass

Bad bitches in online business know what to do every day to magnetize bank 💰 — and in this Masterclass, that's exactly what we're covering: from the energy, to the actions, to the fully curated strategy.

You seeee... the key to consistent and scalable success is knowing *exactly* what actions, specifically, M O N E Y generating actions, you should be acting on *most* days (breaks are good because bad bitches need rest, too).

BUT: not just any money generating actions (because after all, there are some pretty 🤮 strategies out there that don't feel *right* or *good* to do), but money generating actions that actually M A G N E T I Z E prosperity & success without you having to sacrifice your authenticity, unnecessary time, or professional integrity.

Magnetize Money like a Bad Bitch is a previously recorded Masterclass and Q&A forum that will guide you energetically, practically, and tangibly to:

* Learn dope af strategies & money magnetizing actions that you can use to generate money (daily at that✨) into your online business via social media.
* Build an aligned system & process of money generating activities that fit your personality.
* Know what to do to enhance the magnetism of your money magnetizing strategies & actions to allure more interest and increase your prosperity potential organically.

Ready to Magnetize Money like a Bad Bitch? Sign up now, boo!


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Pure Magnetism | The Conscious Marketing, Vibrational Content, & Multi-Dimensional Business Strategy Course

𝐏𝐔𝐑𝐄 𝐌𝐀𝐆𝐍𝐄𝐓𝐈𝐒𝐌 is a self-led course experience that travels the realms of marketing, content creation, and business strategy from the lens of soul-sourced empowerment & pure consciousness.

Infused with ancient wisdom, numerology, energetics, and practical copywriting, content marketing, and online business strategy, 𝐏𝐔𝐑𝐄 𝐌𝐀𝐆𝐍𝐄𝐓𝐈𝐒𝐌 is a multi-dimensional business experience curated for conscious online CEO's that will show you the way to creating prosperity, building authentic + divine influence, & consciously communicating the power of the work you do in the emerging Age of Air.

Learn more at https://www.falynsatterfield.info/puremagnetism/

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